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Space Evader



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Featured Game Space Evader

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Space Evader is an instant pay online board game. This game resembles the board games that we all grew up playing. In this game, the players will control an alien who is stranded on a very dangerous planet. He crash-landed on this planet and he needs the players’ help to get back to his space ship so he can go home.

Players will first set the wager they want to place on the game by going through the stakes that the game has available. These stakes can be found at the bottom on the left side. Players can place a wager as low as 0.50 and as high as ten credits per game. After players do that, they will be eligible to start the game. They will click on Roll to roll the dice to see how many spaces will the alien move. The numbers will appear in the middle of the screen. The alien will then move according to the number that is rolled.

The alien will land on a specific spot. This spot can be a safe spot which means that the alien will not be rewarded and he will not die, he will just be safe to live for another dice roll. He can also land on a multiplier spot or pass through it. If he does, players will be rewarded according to the multiplier and the stake that players have placed. Lastly, there are the spaces that have a death sign, it is self-explanatory, if the alien lands on any of these spots, he will die and players will be rewarded according to the last multiplier that the alien passed.

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