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How to Play Craps

Craps is a terrible game, but there are a lot of people that love it. Why? I have no idea. Craps is a dice game that you will find as a table game at most online casinos. Here's the deal, either you like craps or you don't and if you like craps then you already probably know how to play. If you don't then spend your time at a much cooler game like the slots or playing blackjack. I mean even the name of the game is ridiculous. Sorry, this wasn't more helpful, but dice games are an uncessarily complicated combination of luck and structure. The structure of the game is just there to fool you into thinking that you somehow have control over the toss of the dice. Ya no, you would be better served letting the little white ball of roulette choose your financial gambling future.

Let’s say you decide one day that you would like to play at an on-line casino. You find a nice-looking website on the internet and immediately you are confronted by your first decision: What game shall I play?

A very popular game is Craps, a dice game that is very exciting and always accompanied by excitement and lots of action and surrounded by yelling and noise, so much so that when you enter a regular casino you can immediately tell where Craps is being played by the noise and shouting coming from that table. Craps is a game where a player becomes very involved, no matter he is the person who is throwing the dice or whether he is a player watching someone else rolling. Up to twenty people can crowd around the table and they are all yelling bets and numbers at the same time, giving the area quite an atmosphere.

The Come Out Rolls
The very first activity is entitled the Come-Out Rolls. This signifies the start of a new round. You can only wager on the Come-Out Rolls if the player who rolls the dice) did not win the roll.

Each game starts with the following player. When the current player makes a wining roll he will get the dice once again. This is entitled the continuation roll. If a player does not make his point, then the dice will be passed to the following player for another chance at the Come Out Roll

The Table Layout

The dice are thrown so that they roll across the table and before you start playing you have to know something about the table layout in order to know where the dice have to land to count.

The table consists of three different sections, two sides and a center section. The two sides are identical and contain ‘Pass’ and ‘Do not Pass’ line bets, ‘Come’ and ‘Do not Come’ bets, ‘Odds’ bet, ‘Place’ and ‘Field’ bets. As for ’center section’ is for the ‘Proposition’ bets. If you are a beginner player then these names will mean nothing to you. Here is an explanation:

Craps Table


A Pass Line player wins when the dice land on a seven (7) or eleven (11) on their very first roll.

The Pass Line wager loses if the dice lands on a two (2), three (3), or a twelve (12).

However, if you land on a four (4), five (5), six (6), eight (8), nine (9) or ten (10) which is what is known as a Point, the roll has to happen again before another seven is thrown if you are to win. On the other hand, if a seven (7) gets rolled before that Point gets rolled again, the bet will be lost.

The wager on the Do not Pass Line is the opposite of pass line wager. If the 1st roll of the dice lands on a two (2) or three (3) you win. If it lands on a seven (7) or eleven (11) you lose. If the dice lands on a twelve (12), it means you ‘push’ or tie with the dealer. To make you a winner if the Point gets rolled a seven (7) must come next for you to win.

An Odds on the pass-line is the bet that you make after a Point gets rolled. Then, you will have to take the odds, but there is a different amount for every single Point so you can become the winner only  if the Point gets rolled once again before another seven (7) comes up.

The rules for a Come wager are the same as the rules for pass line wager except that you can only make this wager after the pass line point has been decided.

The Do not Come wager is the exact opposite of the previous wager, the Come wager. When the Come Point is decided, you win if the result of the roll is a two (2) or three (3) and you lose for a seven (7) or eleven (11).

Twelve(12) is a tie with the house.
Place Bets work when the Point is decided. Bets can be made on a dice roll of four (4), five (5), six (6), eight (8), nine (9) or ten (10). You will win only if the number you choose comes up before the seven (7).

Field bets give you only one roll of the dice and if you get a two (2), three (3), four (4), nine (9), ten (10) or eleven (11) you win. If the dice rolls any number between five (5) and eight (8), you will lose.

Proposition Bets are 1-roll bets and you win if you get any Craps (two (2), three (3), or twelve (12)), any Seven (7), Eleven (11), Ace, Deuce, Boxcars or Aces(two or twelve) Horn Bet ( twelve (12), eleven (11), three (3) or  two (2)).

All of these bets are one roll bets which means that the dice must land on the number with one roll of the dice.

All this should have provided you with enough information to join into a game with the knowledge and confidence to win out over the other players.

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