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The gambling books that are on the market are only helpful if you really want an in-depth look at either a game or a person's experience in playing a game. You have your garden variety gambling books where a famous card player will teach you the basics and then give you hints at how you can play the game. Do you really think that an active card player is going to give away all of his tricks or even try to really help you win?

Think about this, these guys that write gambling books, they are probably still playing in tournaments. In a game like Texas Hold em where it is very important to mask your skills and tactics, why would that player write a book that would assist his opponents? Not very logical is it? So, poker books probably shouldn't be trusted. However, gambling books about blackjack, those will definitely help because it is such a structured game and you don't play against other players. In fact, with blackjack, when other players are at the table, it is more of a cooperative game where you can all gang up against the dealer.

What are Gambling Books?

There are two types of gambling books.  There are gambling books that are written for new players who would like to learn how to play specific games. These books will teach players the basics of these gambling games, whether table or card games. It will tell them the different rules for the different variants of the game.  It will allow them to understand the purpose of the game and the procedure of the game. They are basically educational books for gambling.

These books target the new players who would like to learn how to play the game. These books will not give players any tips or explains the tactics that would allow them to win.  They are basically educational books to know how the game works and how the payouts are given.

On the other hand, there are the gambling books that give players tips and tell them the secret tactics of the big players.  These books are not targeting new players but it is targeting veteran players who are looking forward to add tactics and techniques to their arsenal so they can increase their odds while they are playing. These tips and tactics can be used while playing at land based casinos or online casinos. Of course some of them can only be used in land based casinos.  For example, a poker book that teaches players how to bluff and catch the bluffs of other players through facial expressions can’t be used while playing poker online because you will not be able to see the faces of other players. Other than that, most tips can be used in online and land based play.

Who Writes These Books?

These books are usually written by experienced and professional players. They write to share their experience and their knowledge with players to help them win. Of course, anyone can write these books but the books that are written by professional and well-known players are the books that are worth reading.

Where can I Find these books?

Like any other books, they can be found at specific bookstores and of course, thanks to the internet, anything can be found online.  This includes gambling books. So if you carry out search online, you will be able to stumble upon numerous gambling books.  Some of them will be provided to you for free and some of them will have to be purchased. It all depends on who wrote the book. If it is written by a world-class player, it is probably not going to be free.

Do they Really Offer the Best Tactics?

The answer of this question depends on the kind of game. For a game like Blackjack, players do not face each other as they are all playing against the dealer. This is why this game is looked upon as a cooperative game where players can help each other against the dealer that represents the casino. So for this game, the writer will give away all of his secrets.

On the other hand, for a game like poker, especially Texas Holdem poker, writers will most likely hide a few things. This is because poker is a competitive game and there is a big chance that the writers compete in Poker tournaments. So it would not be wise to tell their secret tactics to everyone because other people will be able to use them against them.

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