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No deposit casinos are what most players are out here looking for. That is where the casino either gives you free credit or gives you free spins. There are rules and regulations with each, especially regarding how you can collect on your winnings. Is it free? Yes, absolutely, but you will need to check the rules with each no deposit casino that you play at to see how you can collect the proceeds from your free play, freeroll or no deposit casino bonus.

No Deposit Casinos

A “No Deposit” casino is an online casino that offers its new patrons a “No Deposit” bonus which is an incentive to encourage them to sign up and register to the casino. This is why a lot of online players are constantly looking for these casinos so they can claim the no-deposit bonus.

Is it really free? Why do casinos give out free money? Can you cash out the money easily? Is there are rules and regulations cornering wagering with that bonus? All of these are questions that come to the mind of online players when they see a No- Deposit offer flashing on their computer screens.

No Deposit Casino

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

In order to help you grasp all of the aspects of a No Deposit bonus, we are going to start by explaining what a No Deposit bonus is.

A No Deposit bonus is a gift from online casinos that is given to new players as a part of the Welcome bonus promotion. This gift can come in the form of free spins on certain or all slot machines or free credit. The thing that makes this bonus different from other bonuses is that it does not require a deposit. This means that players who are looking forward to claim this bonus will not have to make any deposits from their money to claim it, unlike Match Deposit bonuses. This is why it is called a “No Deposit” bonus. Players will claim the bonus and they will play with it, whether it is free credit or spins and players will get to keep the winnings.

One of the unique types of this bonus is when a casino gives players a tremendous amount of cash that they can play with on real games. This amount can reach up to $3,000. The casino gives players a time limit of sixty minutes to play with this amount of free credit. After the time is up, the bonus amount will be taken from players and they will get to keep their winnings with a limit of $100.

No Deposit Bonuses

Wagering Requirements

You must be thinking, this all sounds fine and dandy but there has to be a catch, right? You are correct. The winnings you earn or the free credit given to you can be used to place wagers on the casino games as much as you want but when you want to make a withdrawal, you will have to meet certain requirements and wagering rules. The requirements change from one casino to another, but the same concept is applied.

In order to withdraw the money you earned from the free bonus or the bonus itself, you will have to make a certain deposit that has a minimum amount (usually $20) and you will then be obligated to wager that amount and the amount of the bonus a number of times. Only then, you will be able to withdraw the winnings and the bonus.

Why do Casinos do that?

It is a win-win situation for players and online casinos. These bonuses are like a free sample, players will try it and if they are impressed with what the casino offers. They will register a real account and make a deposit. So, the player benefited from the free bonus and the casino benefited from the registration.

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