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If you ever felt unsure of how strong is your poker hand, then this is for you. As the Carbon Poker calculator is one of the best software and it is considered as one of the leading poker software in the gambling industry. This software would guide you and advise you on what to do with your poker hand. It will give you odds, your chances of winning and pot odds so you can make the best decision with your poker hand, whether to raise, call or fold. It also has an amazing feature which is the hand re-player feature. This feature allows you to watch all of your hands so you can analyze your moves in order not to repeat the mistakes you did so you can become a better player.
CarbonPoker is glad to release its newest Carbon Poker Online Odds Calculator. This calculator would be free and available to be downloaded by anyone with an internet access. This calculator would not only help you take your Poker decision through odds and probabilities, but it also helps you be more organized. As it has the ability to make you see your past hands and decision so you can analyze them and know where you went wrong. Its most amazing feature is that it is very user friendly with a very easy to use interface. This calculator works on all kinds of Poker, Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot limit Texas Hold’em Poker games. It also works on both real money games and play money games, and it can be used for tournaments games and other events. 
So, let’s go deeper into the details of its features. Pot odds, it gives you the ratio of the amount of cash in the game’s pot with the amount of money needed to call. Another interesting feature is the Win Odds. Win Odds is a very complicated algorithm which is based on your hand’s cards, the cards on the table accompanied by the number of players on the table. Groups, this feature splits the hand you start with into nine groups. Group number one is the strongest group, and the weakest group is group nine.
Then there is an amazing feature which is the Player Stats, this feature actually saves all of your actions while player poker. Then it restores all of this actions, so when you are faced with a situation you faced before, it presents you with the action you made before. It also has a stunning feature, the Profiling Icons feature. This feature would help you assess the players in front of you. The calculator judges in the players after collecting data after 40 hands, this data is then analyzed and a final judgment is labeled on the player. Players are classified as neutral, passive, loose, aggressive and other classifications as well.
Bookmakers are also using similar odds calculators to determine the spread on sporting games. So, if the bookmakers are using this type of software, then you know it should work just fine in your online poker games.
April 10, 2012

Internet Gambling Games Promotions
There is great news for two of the biggest and most popular internet gambling games at the Bovada Casino. The two games are video poker and blackjack, as these two games are so close to finally hit a very important milestone. The milestone is the number 50 millionth hand milestone. And Bovada took advantage of this important event and created 15,000 dollars in prizes for the users who play video poker or blackjack. Players who are lucky and will get to play the 45th up to the 49th millionth hand on any of the games will win a cash prize of 500 dollars. As for the lucky player who will actually play the milestone hand, the 50 millionth hand, will win a total sum of 5,000 dollars from the Bovada Casino.
The countdown has already begun at the Bovada Casino, as the blackjack hand have reached 44,444,982, which means that it is very close to reaching the targeted milestone. On the other hand, we got the video poker game which is apparently moving a lot faster that black jack as it has already gave away 1,000 dollars to players who played the hand of the first 2 mini milestones. The most recent count for the hand of video poker reached 46,231,204 and it is moving quite quickly. The winners were Merle H who played the 45th million hand on the 18th of March. And the second winner was William W who played the 46th million hand after two days on the 20th of March. And they were awarded 500 dollars each.
As for the conditions and terms of such promotion and bonus, they are quite simple. The lucky player who plays a mini milestone or the big milestone hand, will get a phone call telling him about his achievement within 2 days from the time he plays the milestone hand. This bonus will not be eligible for transference and it will be awarded directly to the winner’s account. And if the player agrees on taking such bonus, he is by that agreeing to have his name used and published on the casino’s website as the winner and will comply with any promotion or advertisement related requests by Bovada Casino.
And Bovada Casino is not only offering bonus and prizes for the lucky winners, but it has an ongoing promotion for all players during the milestone promotion. This bonus is undergoing until the 50 millionth hand is reached on either games. This bonus states that the players will get a 50% Match bonus that can reach up to 50 dollars. And in order for players to claim this bonus, players will have to go on their account and type the promotion code and then make the required minimum deposit. And by that they will be eligible for the bonus. As for wagering requirements, players will have to wager the bonus for 40 times before they can withdraw that money from the Bovada account.

European Roundtable Conference on Online Gaming  

It has been finally confirmed and announced, the annual European Roundtable conference is going to take place in Hungary on the 9th, 10th of May. This is according to the announcement by GLI, Gaming Laboratories International. It is also announced that it will take place in the Marriott Hotel. GLI is known as one of the biggest, if not the absolute biggest testing laboratory for gaming and technical consultancy. It has a section called TST, Technical Systems Testing, which is responsible for all the testing needed for the internet gambling gaming.

For those who don’t know what GLI is, it is an institution that has been in the market for over 20 years. Its main service that it provides to the market is concerned with testing, certification and inspection services to the online gambling community. It also works as an information security helper for internet operators. It is a major corporation that has over twenty labs across different continents that include Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.
This European Roundtable conference is held for the regulators in the online gambling community. It aims to aid these regulators to be up to date with the most recent and state of the art technology in the fast growing and changing world of online casinos. Hence, regulators will not have to pay any fee for admission, and the registration for the conference is already available and can be done over the internet on the GLI official web site. And of course, all needed arrangements are set in order to ease any room reservations at the Marriott hotel for the visiting regulators.

And in order to show the importance of the European Roundtable, Martin Britton, the Managing Director of the GLU Europe stated that the main reason for this meeting it to group all of the regulators under one roof and share their experiences so everyone can learn from them and in order to benefit the internet gambling community. This is done due to the fact that there have been a lot of changes and developments in the world of iGaming and lotteries. And regulators have to know all about these changes so they can be up to date with what is happening in the market.

This European Roundtable is considered to be a product from the GLI University, and it is also considered as a very unique offer that provides up to date information and very essential education to all of the online gambling regulators across the world. This conference is held each year across different locations worldwide. As for the history of this service, it has been around for almost 7 years now. And it became so popular that the online gambling regulators wait for it year by year to get the information and up to date training that they need to keep up with the fast changing world of online gambling.

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