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Canadian Laws About Online Gambling

The laws are not so clear in Canada about on-line gambling whether it is a violation of the criminal code or not. The law states that it is illegal to set up or operate an online casino, although there are no specific laws for the regulation of online gambling .Online gambling is not addressed as a national legal document although hosting is illegal .In 1985 the federal government left it up to the provinces to decide on gambling meaning it’s all about where your house is located. For instance the Native American group called Kahnawake Gaming Commission has set up an online version of the casino sites called All Slots and another called Golden Tiger. These sites may be legal for the residents of this province. 

The other territories have a less than clear ideal on online gambling, in those other provinces hosting gambling websites may still be illegal but actually gambling on those websites out of Canada’s border is still being done and so far there have been no criminal prosecutions for online gambling in your own home. Atlantic Provinces allow state-sanctioned poker games and state-run lotteries but gamblers must live within their own borders during their purchases.

If more Provinces would come together with more aboriginal groups in Canada and setup the same deal as the Kahnawake Gaming Commission , it would be great for the resident’s having more entertainment and also the state government could benefit from the gambling taxes. It's a win for all.

Advisory Information For Canadians Traveling Abroad

Country Travel Advice and Advisories was put together to help keep travelers safe and informed about travel situations that could potentially be harmful. 

Any Canadian who is planning a trip outside of Canada should pay attention to these alerts. This information is garnered from Consular Services' Travel Information Program. They are extremely knowledgeable about foreign affairs and calculating risk factors to determine what could possibly be happening soon. 

This information is put together to keep you as safe as possible. The information is updated as often as is necessary. While it is always your decision whether or not to travel, you should take their warnings into strong consideration. They will assess risk at the four levels of: 

Normal - meaning no threats

High degree of caution - meaning there are some security concerns

Avoid non-essential travel - meaning there are identified risks and travel is not recommended

Avoid ALL travel - meaning there is great risk to anyone at this time

Again, these are meant for your safety but the choices are always your own. The advisories are carefully calculated for your benefit. Advisories can be changed rapidly in some situations. If you are planning to travel to an area with a current advisory you should monitor the situation regularly. 

Subscribe to travel updates to receive emails that announce changes that have been made. 

You can also contact the Emergency Watch and Response Centre. They are there for your convenience, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. 

Travel Requirements to Canada

All visitors to Canada must carry a valid passport, be in good health, and must satisfy an immigration officer of departure Canada at the end of the visit. Travelers should bring enough money for the whole stay. Some cases require a medical exam, letter of invitation, and/or a temporary resident visa.

A list of visa requirements is available at There are several visas

One visa is a multiple entry visa, valid for up to ten years with a continuously valid passport. It allows frequent reentry for business travel or family visitation. A Super Visa is valid for a 24 month stay for parents or grandparents of a Canadian citizen. 

Single entry visas allow visitors one entry into Canada. There are exceptions for crossing into the USA, St. Pierre, or Miquelon provided travelers do not enter another country before reentry into Canada. Time constraints apply. 

Specific proof of travel plans must be given prior to issue of a transit visa. It grants temporary stay of less than 48 hours for nationals who would require a visa for longer stays.

A valid passport is required for all visitors to Canada. Certain countries’ nationals are required to have a machine readable or e-passport in order to gain entry and travel. Read the requirements delineated at the Embassy of Canada website for the traveler’s country of citizenship. Please note that admission to Canada is at the discretion of the Canadian immigration official at the port of entry and is not guaranteed.

Online Gambling in Canada: What the Law Says

Within Canada, gambling and running a commercial gambling business such as a casino has been outlawed. Effectively, in Canada there is nowhere like Las Vegas. Due to a portion of the Canada Criminal Code found in Part VII, online gambling with the country has also been considered illegal even though no person has yet been prosecuted for this specific crime. This has not stopped Canadian authorities from shutting down online gambling enterprises or from barring access to them on the web.

Gambling laws regarding internet gambling in Canada have had setbacks and caused frustration due to the grey areas in which it may be allowed in some circumstances or outright illegal. In some cases there was prosecution for online gambling violating Canadian law when only one party was gambling within Canada. This is the normal precedent requirement for prosecution. In another case, a Canadian citizen was convicted for online gambling even though the activity took place outside of Canada. 

Further confusion regarding Canadian gambling laws include those of Aboriginal rights of First Nations in Canada. If a group of aboriginals can prove that normal activities which are currently illegal in Canada are a part of ancient aboriginal traditions and practice, they are then exempt from the law. Gambling and even modern online gambling can be included in this and so some First Nations are pursuing online gambling as an aboriginal right.

Confusion over Canadian criminal codes and laws concerning online gambling continue to persist. The best way to better understand the position of the law would be to encourage reform in the criminal codes and to clarify what is illegal regarding online gambling.

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